Two young boys from Dharavi died on Sunday after the bike they were riding, skid on the Reclamation bridge at Bandra. The two youths, students Laxman Kuchikurve, (19), and Parshuram Thangappa, (18), were speeding on the bridge when the bike skid.

Laxman died on the spot while Parshuram, who was riding pillion, died in hospital during treatment. Parshuram was engaged few months back and was supposed to get married at the end of this year. Laxman was supposed to get married next year. On Sunday night, the two and four of their friends had gone for a joyride when the accident took place.

Their families and neighbours said both the boys’ fathers had died when the boys were young, and both were brought up by their mothers. Laxman’s mother said “My son was very passionate about bikes, so I purchased an Activa for him one month back.”

A member of his family added, “Still, Laxman wanted a bike and no substitute. So he sold the Activa and purchased a Pulsar.” Laxman’s mother said, “My son loved to race on the bike. Both Laxman and Parshuram went for a ride on and never came back.”

The boys faced the consequence of being stubborn, said another family member. An officer from the Bandra police station said, “There weren’t enough street lights on the Bandra reclamation bridge.

The bike skid in the darkness of night and rammed into the wall front. Laxman died on the spot whereas Parshuram was critical and was admitted to Bhabha Hospital. He died the next morning.”A case has been registered at the Bandra police station.