Mumbai: 5 ROBs over 70 years old to be repaired

Railway ministry has allocated budget to execute repair work for these pre-Independence era bridges between Churchgate and Dadar, on the WR; token amount of R5 lakh per bridge has been kept aside

For the first time ever, the Union Ministry of Railways has allocated funds for repairing Road Over Bridges (ROBs) on the Western Railway (WR). Sources claimed that the ministry has identified seven ROBs between Churchgate and Dadar that will undergo re-girdering work.

ROB at the Elphinstone Road station. Pics/Satyajit Desai
ROB at the Elphinstone Road station. Pics/Satyajit Desai

Girders are usually beams made of steel on which a cement or asphalt road is laid, and supported by pillars. “It simply means that the base of the girders, metal or even asphalt, shall be replaced,” said a WR official. Officials claimed that all these ROBs are over 70 years old and the decision to repair them is a welcome move.

ROB at Mahalaxmi station
ROB at Mahalaxmi station

They said with the durability of these bridges deteriorating with each passing day, chances of untoward incidents cannot be ruled out. Each of these ROBs has been allotted a token amount of Rs 5 lakh.

Explaining the nature of repair work that will be carried out, a WR official said that re-girdering would mean replacing the base of the metal bridge, changing the screws, improving the quality of road wherever necessary and other necessary works. The official said tenders would soon be floated for the same.

The repair work would be carried out in the night when train services are not operational and there is minimum traffic on roads. However, sources agreed that the work could be inconvenience for motorists during morning peak hours once it begins. Presently, all the ROBs are narrow and have just two lanes, resulting in traffic jams during morning and evening peak hours.



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