Mumbai: 51 GRP cops sent for refresher training

After receiving increasing complaints, especially from female passengers, about the behaviour of GRP on trains, the authorities conducted a survey and found the cops needed counselling

An increase in complaints about the misbehaviour of Government Railway Police (GRP) staff on duty in trains forced the authorities to conduct a survey on them, and 51 persons were found to be in need of counselling, having made mistakes under stress or when they consumed alcohol. Since last Monday the GRP authorities have started a refresher course for these staff members for 15 days to make them responsible towards their job.

A representation picture of GRP at a course. The GRP authorities say the course will make them more efficient and responsible in their job
A representation picture of GRP at a course. The GRP authorities say the course will make them more efficient and responsible in their job

According to GRP officials, they had been getting several complaints regarding the misbehaviour of their staff. The matter took a serious turn when they started getting increasing complaints from female passengers about the cops’ bad behaviour through their own helpline number (9833331111), police stations or emails.

There are 3,400 railway cops in the city and their main duty is to safeguard passengers, especially female passengers. The railway police have been taking many measures regarding the safety of female commuters on local trains. Dr Ravinder Singal, commissioner of police (GRP), said, “In our survey we found a few stressed out staffers.

They have many problems, maybe regarding their family and some find alcohol as their best friend that time. We are trying to make them more efficient and responsible towards their work through the refresher training.” On Saturday, a staff member was told to leave because of a drinking problem.

“He took 477 days off in 4 years. After a departmental enquiry, we found that he was taking holidays because of his drinking habit,” said a senior railway police official. In the recent past, two railway police staffers have lost their rifles on duty due to their habit of drinking.

“Every now and then female passengers complain about the behaviour of staff on trains,” said an official. In the survey, 51 cops were found to need refresher training, but only 31 reported for it. An official said of the 20, some were on leave and some were sick and will be included in the next training session.

Commuter speak
“Sometimes I get late from work and I have seen that GRP staff don’t behave in a proper manner. I get scared when there is no one in the compartment except the police,” said Reena Mishra, who commutes between Malad and Dahisar.



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