Mumbai: 6-year-old boy found dead in his house in Chembur

Jun 28, 2016, 00:29 IST | A Correspondent

A 6-year-old boy was found murdered in his house on Monday in Chembur camp area. The deceased has been identified as Devraj Tipanna Dornali, a native of Karnataka, and had been living with his mother, a widow.

“We received information regarding the boy being found dead and on questioning the locals, and Devraj's mother, it was found that the boy was in the house with his mother until Sunday night and the door of the house was locked while his mother was out of the house for some work," said an officer.

Investigations revealed that the boy had slept on Sunday night and the door of the house where the incident happened was locked from inside but on Monday morning he was found dead with a ligature mark on his neck, “Prima facie it looks like he was cooked to death with either a cloth or hands," the official added.

DCP zone VI, Shahji Umap said, “Devraj is originally from Benedi village in Gulbarga, Karnataka. His mother is a widow and a housewife. The murder of the boy was reported at RCF police station. It may have occurred during Sunday night in the house, which is located opposite building number 26 at Chembur camp. The deceased boy, at night, was sleeping while his mother was also there. He was found dead in the morning, and door was locked from inside. A case under section 302 of the IPC has been registered in RCF police station.”

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