Mumbai: 7 pups found brutally murdered near society ground

Apr 18, 2016, 08:29 IST | Ankita Saripadiya

Residents of a housing society in Mahavir Nagar, Kandivli were in for a rude shock when they discovered 7 three-month-old puppies lying dead near the society ground on Friday.

Ankita Saripadiya

The Shri Mahuri Pashwanath Jain Jeevdaya trust has registered a police complaint against the unknown person (s) responsible for the gruesome act. Social worker Rushab Vora said that when the kids of the society went to feed the puppies, they didn’t find them at their regular spot and started searching for them and eventually found one of them lying dead. The kids immediately informed the society members.

One of the puppies was found with its legs tied and eyes damaged, while another was found burnt. Two more were fetched out of a gutter, and one was recovered from under a tree. The other two bodies had started decomposing. The veterinary doctor who examined the puppies informed that the reason for the death could be assault by iron rods and wooden planks.

The police informed that they were trying to get CCTV video footage and any possible eyewitnesses in the case.

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