Mumbai: After hottest September day, expect another week of sultry weather

Oct 01, 2015, 06:36 IST | Tanvi Deshpande

The city set a new record while being cloaked in a blanket of heat on Wednesday. The India Meterological Department (IMD) recorded an all-time high temperature of 37.4°C, breaking the record set at 37°C on September 30 last year.

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However, the IMD has predicted that daytime temperatures in the city are set to remain in the 33-37°C range next week as well. The city folk can expect some respite only over the weekend, since the daytime temperatures will continue to remain at 37 °C on Thursday.

Hottest September day
The city has experienced an unusually hot September. Tuesday recorded a daytime temperature of 36.2°C, without any rainfall. The trend continued on Wednesday, when the mercury crossed the 37°C mark, only to stop at 37.4°C. The humidity was at 56 per cent.

K S Hosalikar, director, IMD said, “The last ten days of September are prone to such extreme temperatures. There is maximum land heating, and the humidity is also high, which leads to discomfort. This was definitely the hottest September day ever.”

When asked about monsoon withdrawal, Hosalikar said that monsoon has not yet withdrawn from the city and there is a possibility of rain. “The sky will remain cloudy but we can’t predict anything for sure yet,” he added. No rainfall was recorded on Wednesday.

Hottest Sept Days
>> Sept 30, 2015: 37.4°C
>> Sept 30, 2014: 37.0°C
>> Sept 29, 2010: 35.6°C

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