Mumbai: Air India aircraft hits an aerobridge, sustains minor damage

Jul 02, 2016, 13:33 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

An Air India flight, AI 922 from Riyadh to Mumbai, hit an aerobridge at the Mumbai airport, just before the passengers could disembark on Friday. The passengers later de-boarded safely and the aircraft was taken to an Air India hangar for inspection.

The aircraft was being guided by AI staff when it collided with the aerobridge
The aircraft was being guided by AI staff when it collided with the aerobridge

MIAL spokesperson said, "The aircraft was being marshalled/guided by Air India staff, when it collided with the aerobridge. No one was injured. The aircraft sustained minor damages."

A Senior Air India official said, "The aircraft's, a Boeing 777- 200R/F (twin jets) left engine suffered a minor dent, as a result the aircraft has been sent for inspection."

"The B777-200 stopped at B777-300 marking. The aircraft was approximately 12 feet ahead of required stop. The marshaller mistook the aircraft type. The Boeing 772 stopped at Boeing 773 stop," explained a senior airport official.

"It's like an aerobridge which is allotted to hatchback cars was allotted a Sedan car," explained an official.

However, few officials also alleged that the incident took place as the guidance system, which is controlled by MIAL, had by mistake advised wrongly. Air India did not comment on the allegations made.

Emergency landing

A Dubai-Manila flight of a Philippines airline was diverted to Mumbai on Thursday and a full emergency was declared at Mumbai airport, as it had to make an emergency landing due to a technical glitch in the aircraft. Sources claimed that the aircraft faced issues with its fuelling system.

Of the 349 passengers who were offloaded from the Cebu Pacific Air flight- CEB 5J015 on Thursday many continue to be in the city, as the airline has no operations in Mumbai or India, and is finding it difficult to make alternative arrangements to fly their passengers to Manila. "With the airline failing to make alternative arrangements, some of the travellers booked tickets on other airlines," said an airport official.

But Cebu Pacific Air tweeted saying that they have made arrangements to take around 120 passengers to Manila. 130 of the passengers were accommodated in Hotel Sahara and the remaining 219 along with 13 crewmembers were shifted to The Orchid hotel.

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