Mumbai airport staff returns misplaced valuable to passenger

This passenger was not only overwhelmed but praised the unit at Mumbai Airport for tracing one his valuables that he misplaced while traveling on December 25. Harshal Bahirshah, who was headed to Kolkata on Christmas day, misplaced his gold bracelet while he was about to board his aircraft.

The bracelet was later found to be in the 1C Security Hold Area (SHA) by an airport staffer and was deposited to the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). Trying to locate it Bahirshah, who was to take off on a Jet Airway's flight 9W 619 (scheduled departure time is 6.05am) began his search in the Security Hold Area at around 3.45am. CISF staff traced the passenger with the help of CCTV.

"A bracelet is a small object that is difficult to locate with the help of a CCTV. In this case the gold bracelet was observed by an honest employee of Travel Food Services (TFS) and later the CISF staff were able to locate the passenger who had misplaced it," explained a senior Airport Official who did not wish to be named. Bahirshah after successfully getting his gold bracelet departed Mumbai at 6.05am.

It should be noted that the CISF deals with approximately 15 lost and found cases every day and revert to the passenger with immediate help.

Passenger Vikram Kumar, an IT professional who frequently travels to Mumbai from the country's capital was one of those who not only got his valuables back but also praised CISF for their help. "While getting my security check done I left my I-Pad and laptop. As I reached the airport much before time I roamed at the domestic airport for half an hour during which I noticed a CISF staffer observing me. He then asked me about my belongings, after which I realized that they were no longer with me and took me to their control room where I came to know that they were observing me for the past half hour only to return the belongings to the right person. Kudos to them for being extremely considerate."

Saransh Gupta, a medical student at KEM hospital was on his way to Amritsar on July 20 when he forgot his laptop near the security check. It was returned within 15 minutes. "My laptop had all my assignments and notes. They traced me through CCTV had returned it to me."

SK Soman, an industrial supplier, was on his way to Aurangabad from Bangalore when he forgot his Samsung mobile phone at Mumbai airport, but as it was observed by CISF personnel, who then informed the Security Holds Area (SHA) the message was passed to the control room, who informed the officers and got Gupta by coordinating with them. "Though losing an expensive handset would be a big loss to me but it was not only about money. I have 1800 contact numbers on my phone, which keep on increasing every time I go on business tours. The biggest loss to me would be the loss of these contacts."

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