It has been just two years since the three-storied building of the regional transport office (RTO) at Andheri was inaugurated and it is already in a dismal state. The gym inside the recreation room on the third floor has now become an eyesore.

The paan stains on the staircase
The paan stains on the staircase 

There are a few treadmills, an exercise cycle, a carom board and a folded table tennis board — all coated in layers of dust and piled in a corner of the huge room.

According to sources, this equipment was bought when the building was inaugurated but was hardly used. "There is hardly any maintenance. There is a lot of space that could be better-utilised," said an RTO official on condition of anonymity.

He added that most of the door handles and locks are broken, the biometric fingerprint reader meant for the staff has been tampered with and is now covered with a metal box, official documents and files are lying all over the place, the French windows of the corridors are covered with paan stains.

Also, it is difficult to function inside the building in the sweltering heat as the fans are between cubicles giving little or no respite to people sitting on either side. The air-conditioners don't function properly, he added.

The building was constructed at a whopping cost of R15.52 crore and the original plan includes a three-storied underground parking lot and a test track for those who come for driving licences.

However, these are yet to take proper shape and the area is now littered with broken down vehicles and damaged and rusted auto rickshaws.