Fraudsters is Mumbai are not even sparing blind people. A blind man was looted of Rs 25,000 on pretext of helping him.

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To more more to the injury, after withdrawing 25k, only 300 rupees were left in the bank account out of which the accused took Rs 200 as well.

The incident took place in Kalina, Santacruz east. The victim, identified as Kanhaiya Padvi, 51 is completely blind. He resides with his wife Vijaya, 43 and son at Rohan, 20. Kanhaiya is telephone operator at Air India and resides with his family at Indian Airlines Colony near Kalina in Santacruz east.

The incident took place on May 6 afternoon.

Speaking to mid-day Vijaya said, "We have joint account in State Bank of India. In the afternoon we left to withdraw some cash from ATM centre. We first went to Bank of Baroda where we were unable to withdraw cash. Soon we were approached by one young man who told us to go to Canara Bank ATM in Kalina which was working."

The couple then went to Canara Bank ATM. Vijaya said, "The man (accused had already reached there before we could make it there. He told us that he would help my husband who is as it is his duty to help. He went inside with my husband to remove cash. We had 25,300 in our bank account."

The man took the card from Kanhaiya and asked for pin number. Kanhaiya gave the pin number but the man said that money can't be withdrawn from this pin. The couple went back home. In the night they received message from their bank that 200 rupees has been withdrawn. They were shocked. They approached the bank the next day and found out that in three attempts 25 thousand were withdrawn through ATM card on May 6 afternoon. The accused removed 10 thousand twice and five thousand once from the ATM. Only Rs 300 was left which the accused took 200 in the night.

Kanhaiya said, "We are shocked as we did not get single message when money was being withdrawn otherwise we usually get a message. We, blind people are also not safe."

Vakola police is investigating the case.

A police officer from Vakola police station said, "We have registered case of cheating in the matter. We are waiting for the CCTV footage to get picture of the accused."