Mumbai: BMC to create compost from organic waste generated by Ganesh visarjan

Sunday's Ganesh visarjan in Mumbai generated 685 tonnes of organic waste that will now be used to create compost.

According to a statement issued by the civic body, a total of 2.17 lakh Ganesh idols were immersed in various places including all 10 days. This includes households and public ganpatis. Also the city generated 685 tonnes of Nirmalya from all its 24 wards. Nirmalya means dried flowers, leaves, etc, that are used in pooja.

The civic body will now be composting them in its ward offices and the compost will be used for city's gardens. The process has already started.



  • Swaraj29-Sep-2015

    The Cost of create compost should be collected from all the mandals and household also when they enter chowpatty for Visarjan.. 685 tonnes of waste is too much.. BMC should think of charging for Ganpati Visarjan even at Chowpatty. coz many artifical ponds do charge for Visarjan.

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