Mumbai: BMC using modern tech to detect water leakage in city, says Minister Ranjit Patil

Mumbai: Noting that nearly 27 water goes waste in the city, Minister of State for Urban Development Ranjit Patil today said Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has brought in the use of modern technology to detect and plug leakages in water mains.

Replying to supplementary questions raised on Calling Attention Notice moved by Vijay Girkar, Patil told the Legislative Council that the civic body intends to install meters for about one lakh non-metered water connections in Mumbai City district.

He said the BMC has come up with a master plan for the repair works of water mains which are more than 100-year-old and also for laying of new underground pipelines over 150 kms.

"BMC is using modern technology to detect vacuum in water mains, technology like leakage locator, digital sound stitch technology, Helium air technology which is used in detection of water leakage and value locator in case values are buried under debris to detect leakages and repair them," Patil said.

The minister said that roughly 27 per cent water goes waste in Mumbai due to various reasons like illegal water connection, theft, irregularity in supply etc and that the BMC is working towards fixing it.

"BMC has imposed 15 per cent cut in water supply which will ensure that water stock for city lasts till coming June," he said.

Replying to further queries, he said at present there is 25 per cent leakage in water mains.

Patil also informed the House that there are 3.70 lakh metered water connections in Mumbai suburban district, while in the island city there are one lakh non-metered connections.

"In order to ensure that Revenue arrears are recovered, the BMC will install meters on these unmetered connections in the city," Patil said.



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