Mumbai: Brothers thrashed by Navy cadets, cops try to hush it up

The two were trying to free their motorcycle from mud as they stepped off a ferry when the assault began

The Correia siblings are at a loss. The two brothers were going about their business at Marve last Saturday when Navy cadets allegedly thrashed them out of the blue. The apathy to their assault has shaken them further — the police agreed to file a complaint on Wednesday only after an MP intervened.

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Brendon and Covin Correia were caught unawares by the high-handed Navy cadets
Brendon and Covin Correia were caught unawares by the high-handed Navy cadets

Brendon Correia (19) and brother Covin (16), residents of Malwani in Malad West, say they took their motorcycle on a ferry bound for Marve last Saturday. The bike, however, got stuck in mud on reaching the shore, which abuts the naval area. As they struggled to extricate it, a man threatened them with assault if they didn’t hurry up.

“We tried to reason with him, but he did not listen and began abusing us. When I asked him to stop, he picked up an iron rod from somewhere and started assaulting us,” alleges Covin.

As the stunned siblings pleaded with him, the man revealed that he was a Navy cadet. He then called out to his colleague and the two thrashed the boys some more. The two alleged Navy cadets then fled the spot.

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So severe were their injuries — to the face, arms, legs and back — that the brothers couldn’t even get up and seek medical help. “I had to call up our mother, who was at home,” says Covin. The family rushed the two to a hospital, following which they approached the police to file a complaint.

But the police were of little help, alleges Nicholas, the victims’ father. “The police were not ready to register an FIR. In fact, they told us to not to try to get even with the Navy. They tried to convince that we would not get anything out of filing a complaint and that we should just let the matter go. Left with no choice, I approached BJP MP Gopal Shetty. It was only after his intervention that the police agreed to register a case on April 13.”

A case under sections 324 (voluntarily causing hurt), 504 (criminal intimidation) and 34 (common intention) of the IPC against unidentified persons has been registered, said an officer from the Malwani police station.
Shetty told mid-day that he would raise the issue with the Centre.

mid-day reached out to defence spokesperson Commander Rahul Sinha, but he didn’t respond.

Did boys trespass into Navy area?
Having allegedly beaten the Correias senseless, the Navy cadets first approached the Malwani police to file a complaint that the two boys had trespassed into the naval area. It was only after MP Gopal Shetty insisted on a complaint of assault did the police reveal that the Navy cadets had filed a complaint against them first.

The boys’ father, Nicholas Correia, however, questioned why the Navy cadets couldn’t just hand them over to the police, if they had indeed trespassed into the naval area. INS Hamla is anchored off Marve.

  • pvs15-Apr-2016

    What has happenned is not acceptable in a civilized society, but there should be some valid reason for this action. I am sure both the brothers would have argued or misbehaved with the concerned officer. Sometimes it is very difficult for parents to discipline their kids and when such a thing happens the parents would have to come to their rescue. Start respecting elders at home than you are a better citizen outside.

  • Joe Chakeu15-Apr-2016

    Navy cadets do not do engage in assault. I think these brothers are cooking up some story. The police should get to the bottom of this.

  • RS16-Apr-2016

    Navy cadets should have shown far greater restrain

  • Ibanez18-Apr-2016

    Some may assume that the boys might have been at fault and even if that is the case nobody gives the right to army or navy officers to beat someone so brutally. They should have complained to the police but they will not do that as they know that their officers will save them.

  • Kaali15-Apr-2016

    INS Hamla is not 'anchored' off Marve. It is an entire base with a beach of its own, not a ship. INS is used not just for ships but also bases.

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