Mumbai: Rs 235 crore spent on Goregaon flyover, but motorists still get a bumpy ride

The surface of the newly inaugurated ROB-flyover at Goregaon is uneven and bumpy at several spots; BMC sources say a rushed opening of the bridge is to blame for the issue

While the 2.3-km long and Rs 235 crore railway over bridge (ROB) and flyover at Goregaon was opened for the public on Saturday evening, in the presence of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray, the surface of the ROB is uneven at few places, giving motorists, especially two-wheeler riders, a bumpy experience.

Motorists say the BMC should have resurfaced the road properly, as it is uneven at a few places and there are chances of potholes coming up in the area during monsoon. Pics/Nimesh Dave
Motorists say the BMC should have resurfaced the road properly, as it is uneven at a few places and there are chances of potholes coming up in the area during monsoon. Pics/Nimesh Dave

Sources from BMC said both the political parties wished to open the bridge at the earliest and so the work of the resurfacing the eastbound stretch passing over WEH was not done before the inauguration. “Both the political parities wanted to open the bridge at the earliest and hence, we were not able to do the resurfacing work on the east-bound stretch passing over WEH,” said a BMC official.

Along with Fadnavis and Thackeray, Mayor Snehal Ambekar, MLA Vidya Thakur, Guardian Minister of Mumbai Subhash Desai, MP Gajanan Kirtikar and other senior leaders of Shiv Sena and BJP were present at the inauguration.

BMC says
SO Kori, chief engineer (Bridges), BMC said, “The east-bound arm of the ROB that lands on the south-bound lane of the service road of WEH was ready since more than two years. We had to remove 358 encroachments to construct this bridge. It was a challenging task that we have successfully completed. I will immediately look into the matter and the contractor will be asked to repair the uneven portion on the bridge, if there is any.”

BJP MLA Vidya Thakur said, “It is easy for people to take political mileage by saying that this bridge has been opened because of their follow-ups, but the residents in my constituency know that during election itself, I had promised to ensure that the bridge is opened at the earliest. I have fulfilled my promise, and this could have not been possible with the support of BMC officials who worked day and night.

While motorists using the new flyover have praised the authorities for opening it since it has solved the commuting problem between east and west, but at the same time, they have alleged that the BMC should have resurfaced the road properly, as it is uneven at a few places and there are chances of potholes coming up in the area during monsoon. The tar surface from the road portion might also come off.

Possibility of potholes
Prathamesh Kawade a two-wheeler rider said, “The eastbound arm of the flyover that passes over the Western Express Highway (WEH) does not have the kind of smooth surface, we usually see in a new flyover. At a few places, patch work done prior to opening, which will become a problem in the monsoon as the road surface will not only develop potholes, but motorists will have to drive through uneven surfaces.”

Half of the portion of the ROB-flyover was ready for over 18 months, but was not opened as the work on the part that passes over the railway line and the west was pending.

Darshan D, who frequently travels between Andheri and Aarey Milk Colony said, “The BMC had enough time to do the resurfacing of the road, which was ready since over a year, but they didn’t, which itself proves that how serious they were. The westbound stretch is in a good condition, but patchwork has been done at two-three places on the eastbound stretch. I feel the flyover was opened in a hurry to gain [political] mileage.”

At one of the places on the east-bound stretch, near the exit lamp over the highway, it was observed that there were small mud and tar particles, which had not been cleaned, and the two-wheeler riders alleged that authorities should have cleaned the flyover before opening.

‘Nothing wrong in gaining mileage’

State Industries Minister Subhash Desai

When mid-day questioned State Industries Minister Subhash Desai if the bridge was opened in hurry in order to gain political mileage, he said, “The bridge has already been pending since a long time and so I don’t think its wrong if we wanted to open it at the earliest, because at the end, it’s going to benefit the motorists and people staying in the area. We have done a good thing for the people and so, I don’t think there’s anything wrong if we are trying to gain political mileage.” Commenting on the uneven surface, Desai said, “There are chances of some portion being uneven as the bridge passing over WEH was ready since a long time. But, I am sure that the authorities will repair it at the earliest.”

The Mrinal Gore flyover
>> The ROB-flyover connecting Goregaon (east) and (west) which has been named after Late Mrinal Gore was inaugurated on Saturday evening.

>> It is 2.3 km long and Rs 235 crore have been spent on its construction. 

>> The bridge has a four-lane carriageway. 

>> The BMC had to clear 358 encroachments to construct this bridge, which includes 218 residential structures and 140 commercial structures.

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    I had gone for the Inauguration ceremony ---Time mentioned was 4PM and all these MLAS,MPs came at 6 PM as if we public have no kaam dhanda and only these Ministers are having kaam dhanda. Any work or scheme or PROJECT should be well -organised,planned and after effects and consequences should be interpreted and then execution should be done. This happens when ....... HASTE IS WASTE

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