Mumbai: Commuters hear 'vulgar sounds' from train guard's address system

Mumbaikars are used to hearing regular railway announcements about the upcoming stations and even advertisements over the public address system inside the train compartment. However, yesterday a string of ‘vulgar’ sounds were broadcast over the system, much to the embarrassment of commuters.

The incident occurred during morning peak hour, when the local was headed for Churchgate station. While some commuters were amused, others were furious. “A complaint has been made at Grant Road station. We will be carrying out an enquiry into the same,” said Shailendra Kumar, Divisional Railway Manager, Mumbai, Western Railway.

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WR officials say commuters complained of ‘vulgar sounds’ coming from the announcement system of the local. Apparently, this goof-up happened after the guard forgot to turn off the announcement system and continued watching something on his cell phone.

This is when a few people got down at Grant Road station and confronted the guard — who travels on the rear end of the local train — about the same. Although no video was found, the commuters lodged a complaint at Grant Road station. The phone will be sent for analysis. As per the rules, use of mobile phones is banned inside local trains for guards and motormen.

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