Mumbai: Congressman in trouble after tests confirm rape survivor is pregnant

Shivanand Hulyalkar had allegedly raped the 23-year-old several times, and she is keen on a DNA test to prove he is the father

Three days after Congress worker and businessman Shivanand Hulyalkar was arrested for allegedly raping his 23-year-old former employee, he is now in deeper trouble after medical reports confirmed that the rape survivor is pregnant.

Hulyalkar was arrested on Friday, based on a complaint from the survivor (right) the survivor and Hulyalkar were in a live-in relationship since last year
Hulyalkar was arrested on Friday, based on a complaint from the survivor (right) the survivor and Hulyalkar were in a live-in relationship since last year

The survivor registered an FIR against Hulyalkar after he assaulted her on June 20, but the two of them had been in a relationship since last year. The woman alleged that he had raped her several times over the course of their relationship and is now keen on a DNA test to prove that he is the father.

“I have been trying to get over the horror that I went through, but now I have found out that I am pregnant. I am scared and do not want my child to suffer. Shivanand Hulyalkar has ruined my life,” she told mid-day.

“My parents are worried sick, especially now that I am pregnant. They are scared even though Hulyalkar is in jail; I cannot even leave my house in the fear that he might kill me,” said the survivor, who submitted her pregnancy report from Bhabha Hospital to the Bandra police yesterday. She said she wanted to speak to the police before deciding on a course of action.

The woman was formerly an employee at a five-star hotel where she met Hulyalkar for the first time in August 2015. They became friendly after they met again in a party at a mutual friend’s house and after that, Hulyalkar began to message regularly, asking to meet her. Later, he offered her a job at his company, which is involved in real estate, and also offered her a stake in the company. She also told the police that Hulyalkar offered her the post of executive director and CEO in his company. He gifted her a flat at Bandra Bandstand, where the two began living together.

However, Hulyalkar was an abusive partner, alleged the woman, adding that he would often force her into having sex. Their relationship reached breaking point last week, during a trip to Mauritius on official work.

“On June 20, Hulyalkar sexually assaulted me. He also assaulted my private parts with a wooden stick. That day, I wanted to commit suicide. I was scared because he is a political man, and he had threatened to kill me and my whole family. But I gathered my courage after my friends told me to go to the police,” the survivor recalled.

Based on her complaint, the FIR was registered under Sections 376 (rape), 377 (unnatural offences), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 324 (voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means), 506 (2) (criminal intimidation) and 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace).

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  • Ramesh04-Jul-2016

    This is sheer nonsense ! She is adult and mature and admitted live-in relationship with the man. She got a post flat in her name from her, got share in ownership of his business and had trips overseas with him at his cost. How a joyful and consensual co-habitation and physical relation for long period has turned into rape and sexual assault. Why didn't she complain on the first instance of alleged rape ? This certainly is a failed blackmail plot. The man must be set free immediately.

  • rocky29-Jun-2016

    She had herself admitted that she married that man because he promised her share in his business. Since she never got that she decided to screw his life. Why did she come out so late? What was she doing all this while? enjoying life based on his power? Girls from small towns come to mumbai, get into a relationship with old rich people for money and then when they don't get it, they cry foul like this. Such incidents are growing in number.

  • Rohit29-Jun-2016

    I totally agree with Rocky. Sooner there would be news that the lady is demanding money by playing victim card.

  • Achchani29-Jun-2016

    How on earth can you call this rape???

  • rocky29-Jun-2016

    It is shameful that the law arrests an individual without investigating the case. If he had hit her private parts a year back why is she filing the case now? it's easy to say she was scared but the question is that a girl comes alone to Mumbai to make a career in bollywood and she is not scared about casting couch and all other stories. Such girls are strong minded not sure why was she scared? Now she's saying after a year she is no longer scared and went to the police? How ridiculous is that.

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