Christie Roberts, who suffers from serious health condition known as cerebellar ataxia, recently won a bronze medal in the Special Olympics, Mississippi in the 25 meters open freestyle swimming category.

Her chief complaints with the ailment were difficulty in walking, essential tremors, lack of muscle control during voluntary movements, such as walking or picking up objects.

Mumbai connection to US swimmer's medal-winning effort at Special Olympics

Christie Roberts at the swimming competition at the Special Olympics, Mississippi in category 25 meters open freestyle swimming.

Christie Roberts who was completely dependent on others for her day to day activities, underwent stem cell therapy in Mumbai's NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute in Sion. She also underwent several sessions of rehabilitation including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy with the goal to reduce tremors, improve balance and co-ordination and gain control over speech and slurring.

Post her second stem cell therapy, Christie has been more energetic in her daily life activities and now she can walk with the help of a walker as well and she can also drink a glass of water without spilling. Her speech has improved and also she can stand without support for around 49 seconds.

Dr Alok Sharma , Director NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute & Professor Head of Neurosurgery, LTMG Hospital & LTM Medical College, said, "“I appreciate Christie Roberts for her courage, determination to stand up on her feet besides all proud as Indians, since we have in someway through our medical skill and assistance have been able to contribute to her success and also who went on to excel and be role model for fellow Americans and humanity who otherwise approach life negatively when tragedy or sickness strikes them."

"Coming to India and being treated at NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute, Mumbai has been the best decision we made for Christie so far along with encouraging her swimming skills, of course." said Kevin Roberts, Christie's father.

They are currently in India for an extended stay of a month to undergo a third session of stem cell therapy and to continue actively with her rehabilitation.