Mumbai: Constable hauls up man for defaming him on Facebook

The post claims that the constable from Borivli police is threatening him and his family; the cop denies these allegations

A 32-year-old police constable has registered a complaint against the Human Rights Council’s Nasik-based vice-president Uday Sirsat. The constable, Kalidas Sonawane, says Sirsat claims Sonawane is threatening him and has also posted his photo on Facebook, saying so.

Uday Sirsat had threatened to commit suicide a few months ago and a non-cognisable offence was registered against him
Uday Sirsat had threatened to commit suicide a few months ago and a non-cognisable offence was registered against him

Sonawane, who is attached to the Borivli police station, sent an email to on Sunday, and requested officials to get the post removed. According to the police, Sirsat, sent an SMS to Sonawane saying, ‘Check your Facebook account, I have appreciated you,’ on Saturday night.

The post put up by Sirsat
The post put up by Sirsat

When Sonawane checked the post, he that saw his photo had been posted on Sirsat’s timeline and below it Sirsat had written that Sonawane was sending him threatening messages from February 2014 and irritating his family members day and night, from different mobile numbers.

In the post, Sirsat also wrote that he had approached Senior Inspector Narayan Khaire of Borivli police station regarding this, but he didn’t help him. Police said that after Sonawane’s photo was put up, it got many likes and people also shared it.

False allegations
Sonawane said, “I am not threatening him or irritating his family members. If I am found guilty, then Sirsat should register a case against me. But he is defaming me. I am requesting the police department to take action against this and remove the post.”

Interestingly, Sirsat’s wife is a cop and police sources said she gave him a divorce notice, but he did not accept it. A case of harassment was then registered by her. She was also attached to the Borivli police station but she has been transferred elsewhere recently.

Sirsat had threatened suicide
A non-cognisable offence was registered at the Borivli police station against Sirsat few months ago. He had allegedly sent an SMS to an officer saying he was committing suicide due to harassment by 21 police officers from the Borivli police station. The officers include a DCP, an ACP, and senior inspectors. Sonawane was one of them. Sirsat had also said that his wife wanted to divorce him because of these 21 police officers from Borivli police station.

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