A police sub-inspector got the owners of a security company arrested for offering him a bribe of Rs 10,000. Prashant More of Khar police station was offered the bribe to drop a man’s name as an accused in an investigation.

The Khar police had arrested Prabhakar Pande (32) two days ago, for allegedly providing security services illegally to a Khar society. During investigation, the name of his brother, Ratnakar Pande, also came up.

In order to save his brother, Prabhakar asked one Ravishankar Pande, to offer the investigating officer More, a bribe of Rs 10,000. “More immediately approached the Anti-Corruption Bureau and when Ravishankar came to give the money on Friday, we arrested him,” said Pravin Dixit, Director General of Police, ACB, Maharashtra.

“More has set a good example by stepping up and registering the complaint. We have to change people’s mindset that policemen will take money and the matter will be settled,” Dixit added.