Mumbai: Cop suspended for his obscene remarks on rape survivor's undergarments

In an incident that could further tarnish the image of the men in khaki, a police inspector (PI) from MHB police station passed insensitive and obscene comments on a rape survivor, for which he has now been suspended.

Inspector Anil Avhad
Inspector Anil Avhad

Action was initiated against PI Anil Avhad after the woman approached the police commissioner and informed him about Avhad’s behaviour. He was the investigation officer in the case filed by the survivor two weeks ago. According to other officials, the 28-year-old survivor was in love with a 30-year-old man who had promised to marry her.

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Based on his promises, the two got intimate. When the accused refused to marry her, the woman registered a case against the man. In her complaint to the police commissioner, the woman alleged that it was while recording her statement that Avhad made insensitive remarks and passed obscene comments about her undergarments.

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She even claimed that Avhad kept following her inside the police station, making her uncomfortable. Additional Commissioner of Police (North) Fatehsingh Patil said, “Officer Avhad was suspended following orders from the head office. The officer passed insensitive and lewd comments on the survivor’s inner clothes and also stalked her. Due to this indecent behaviour, we suspended him.”

  • Kevin04-Jun-2015

    This is the reason why people are afraid to go to police, Instead of helping they create more problems ....

  • Nikhil05-Jun-2015

    Is this the definition of Rape?? 2 Adults getting physical with their willingness

  • aja05-Jun-2015

    Modi Bhai... Police personnel in India are goons. They join police force to earn money. They do not join police force to serve the country. I am sure the selection committee is corrupt and that is why we have people like anil avhad in the police force. You should do something these policemen. Majority of the crime that is happening is because our police force.

  • Kunal Tom04-Jun-2015

    I don't get it.Two adults had consensual sex and after the man refuses to marry her she files for rape.How can she file for rape?She agreed to having sex with him and was not physically forced.There was no rape.

  • imns04-Jun-2015

    99 percent of police men are like this. These type of policemen should be short dead in the open ground including his higher official as these things happened due to the pressure from his higher officer

  • Himanshu04-Jun-2015

    Just suspension is not enough,he should be dismissed from the service.

  • Aadmi from Virar04-Jun-2015

    Look at this cops stomach, he is not even physically fit to be a cop. These maa ko lund lagane wale dismiss Ker do.

  • christopher john04-Jun-2015

    In cases where there is consent from the lady for physical relations, there should be no rape charges on the man. Otherwise make punishment equal in for such cases, that is if a woman has sex with the promise of marriage and refuses to marry, she should be charged with rape.

  • Ajit04-Jun-2015

    If the police officer found guilty, then strict action should take against him. It is against the women respect. Women right commission should come to support the girl.

  • Tika Ram04-Jun-2015

    It is a sin to indulge in S.. before marriage,unless its forced upon which is known as RAPE.Our laws

  • Diwan Singh04-Jun-2015

    Women in recent times are using and leveraging on the misinterpretation of "rape". It's being used as a weapon to vindicate a person with whom they would have had consensual sex. Its more of "I'll will drag you to the jail" if you don't marry. Imagine, if the person would have got into marriage, is there any guarantee of marital bliss? there would have been other differences. In the first place, don't let the man take advantage of you. If you are letting on pretext of commitment, its stupid of u

  • David Chinnayya04-Jun-2015

    The definition of Rape is" forced sex".Since the women had sex willingly it is no more Rape. Its high time the laws need to get corrected. Men are being targeted when women get cought in the act or when the lover goes sour.

  • natraj03-Jun-2015

    Please appoint women PI's to handle such cases.

  • Abhijeet04-Jun-2015

    This girl had intimate relationship with her bf. When relationship became sore she has gone to police accusing consensual relationship as Rape. This is how Women harassment laws get misused.

  • Vikram Adittya04-Jun-2015

    This kind of complaint of so called 'rape' by women should be stopped.These Girls are going for sex and then claiming that they were having sex with the promise to marry.This utter nonsense should be stopped and let there be a consensus that a Girl deciding to have sex should not be called 'rape' whatever may be the basis of her such decision.Having sex doesn't mean you have to marry.What if after having sex the Girl refuses to marry?

  • Krishna.S.Santosh05-Jun-2015

    Looking at the way the woman is taking advantage of crazy laws, I guess the police man would have been pissed off at the complaint... But he cannot do anything as laws are that way...

  • maniprasad04-Jun-2015

    Dismiss from his service and take legal action . Every police station across the country must have cctv in all areas and every thing must be recorded.

  • Krishna.S.Santosh05-Jun-2015

    How is this a Rape ? Shame on those women in Men's body - those "men" who support women such as this one... BE A F!IN MAN.... How is this a rape ?

  • suman05-Jun-2015

    the inspector is soo soo hot..i want him

  • varghese04-Jun-2015

    why no initiate "Lie Test" for all involved?

  • V CHANDRASEKAR04-Jun-2015

    I would definitely call it a rape. Both had intimate relationship based on certain trust. The cop broke the trust

  • Somnath04-Jun-2015

    This girl first slept with the man now she is complaining against the man and the police officer all very suspicious behaviour . The whole matter should be investigated thoroguhly for the truthfullness in the womans statements and if found false she should herself be jailed for false complaint. It is high time thisis done to restore order in society.

  • V N KAPRE04-Jun-2015

    Sex or no sex but the police officer has no business to talk such nonsense and comment on under garments of the lady.He must record the complaint first.

  • aaaa04-Jun-2015

    Readers are waiting what Bollywood actresses want to comment on this issue.

  • sivaprasad seetharaman04-Jun-2015

    sex before marriage itself is wrong. if they do so, no bloody rape. it is misconduct of both. if you say he has not fulfilled promise, go to court saying cheated not to police station

  • shridhar shivaraman04-Jun-2015

    Why did the women have sex with a man just having promissed to marry her? means she liked having sex? it is her wish to have but may be ,that boy do not want to marry her. In all women is wrong .

  • Pasha04-Jun-2015

    Once you invite somebody on your property, you cannot get him or her arrested for trespass. Similarly, once two adults have consensual sex even once, neither can be charged with rape. A case may or may not be filed.It is entirely possible that she or he must have found out something that they did not like while rolling over each other , something like that or there was some financial demands, who knows. But she is a b..tch, that for sure !

  • subh05-Jun-2015

    whats the issue if having sex and not married. What is the proof on mans side he promised to get married.Sex is an intimate relationship for enjoyment and one should enjoy married or unmarried. Guys take in writing before having sex doing it with consent then you will not get harassed. Don't compel the other one to get married. One who feels like that then after marriage only should have sex or should not have sex

  • mm05-Jun-2015

    As said by many, yes, I totally agree that this can not be termed as "RAPE". Many girls without judging the guy, just looking at his money or any thing such lucrative access agreed to get intimate in the name of love and then file police case saying that was rape. Plz. stop misuse the police force for your the safe guard of your vested interest. Police force has many things to look after.

  • Gaurava Mishra05-Jun-2015

    Lets not comment when we do not know the inside story. However, if marriage was promised to the girl for the intent of having sex, the girl is protected by the law against abuse. May the truth previal.

  • Lakshmi04-Jun-2015

    People really need to get the definition of rape right. Not going to comment on the police behavior which doesn't surprise a bit but I'm really questioning these women who strangely so gullible to sleep with a man upon promise of marriage. Why not wait till marriage to consummate the relationship? Physical relationship doesn’t guarantee the affair to culminate in marriage. I have very low tolerance for this kind; they misjudge their relationship

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