The team of Oshiwara police is leaving no stone unturned in the valley of Kashmir to locate the prime suspects in the brutal killing of the senior citizen, who was found dead at her residence in Rizwan Apartment of Oshiwara last month.

The Oshiwara police has recorded statements of more than 100 people in connection with the case, including two security guards of the society, who was uncle and nephew in relation. Cops strictly asked everyone not to leave the city without informing them, but both the security guards disappeared without informing anyone and fled to Kashmir. Cops have now reached their hometown in Kashmir to nab them.

The Oshiwara police has been trying to track down both the guards, who left the city despite the warning given by Mumbai Police. The security agency who hired them has provided their Kashmir address to Mumbai cops.

The deceased, Mumtaz, used to give money on interest, so it is suspected that both may have taken money from her and when they failed to repay it on time, they killed her after she shouted on them, as she was very short tempered and use to fight with anyone in the society.

Both the watchman were aware about the 17 CCTV cameras that were installed in the society and that around six cameras only keeps tight watch on the deceased Mumtaz’s flat. They knew which part of the building was covered by those cameras. So, may be, they entered the house through the area not covered by the CCTV cameras.

We are having reason to suspect the building watchmen. “There is no sign of forced entry on the door of Mumtaz’s flat, and nothing is missing from the flat, or even on Mumtaz's body. It seems that someone known to her has killed her, not for robbery, but it may be some dispute, police said.

Two of her housemaids are also under scanner, whom cops will interrogate. Cops questioned her husband Rashid, who informed his grandson after various attempts to reach Mumtaz on her phone were futile. But, nothing has come out as yet, police added.

The throat of the victim, Mumtaz, was slit using a knife, which she used in her kitchen. Mumtaz was alone at the time of incident, while her husband was in office.