Mumbai: Cops rule out foul play in Chembur sisters' death

Police have gone through CCTV footage and found nothing suspicious

A day after the bodies of two sisters, identified as Mohini (70) and Basanti (75) Jethvani, were found in Trishul Apartments of Sindhi Colony in Chembur, the police ruled out foul play in the matter. They also discovered that one of the sisters may have died first. The investigations have also revealed that both of them may have died at least two days before neighbours noticed stench on Thursday from flat 602, where the deceased lived.

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Cops step out of Trishul Apartments in Chembur
Cops step out of Trishul Apartments in Chembur

The police feel Basanti, the older sister, could have died first. “We have located their distant relative and their bodies will be handed over to him by Saturday. The statements of the neighbours were recorded, and they have stated that the sisters spent most of the time reading newspapers. They did not have any domestic help and only the newspaper vendor came in the morning to drop the papers. There is a CCTV installed in the lobby which shows no signs of foul play,” said an officer. The cause of death is yet to be ascertained.

Reclusive sisters
Laxman, a neighbour, said the sisters were living in poor conditions. “They attended satsang in the evenings generally, in a nearby building. They were a family of four, with three sisters and a brother. All were unmarried and had been living together in the building for about 20 to 25 years until the death of the two other siblings. The sisters used to work in the railways and after retirement they survived on pension. Last I saw them some two months ago,” he said.

Another resident of the building said they barely spoke to anyone. They were often at home. “We suspected something fishy after we saw they had not collected their newspapers, which they did each day. There was also a constant stench from the house. We rang the bell to check, but there was no response after which the police was informed,” he said.

Sunil, of Madhav General store located opposite Trishul Apartments said, “I last saw them about a month and a half ago. They came down once in two or three days and walked some half a kilometre towards the right side of the lane, by Trishul society number 2 and returned after sometime.”

Inspector Shalini Sharma of Chembur police station said, “We have located their relatives and informed them. There is no evidence of foul play. The CCTV camera last captured the sisters when they had opened their door in the afternoon at around 2 pm on Tuesday to collect the newspapers.”

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