In the  past five months, two incidents of theft and two break-in attempts at Di Vibe have been reported. Pic/Datta Kumbhar
In the  past five months, two incidents of theft and two break-in attempts at Di Vibe have been reported. Pic/Datta Kumbhar

Two incidents of theft and two break-in attempts over the past five months, at this South Mumbai sari and gown shop, were not enough for the Cuffe Parade cops to wake up and get into some action. Shocked at the lackadaisical approach of the police station, the shop owner said that even after providing them with all the details, including over 30 photographs and CCTV footages, the cops are still clueless.

Tough attempt
Devika Patkar, who owns Di Vibe store just opposite Mantralaya, had inaugurated it on Gudi Padwa in April last year. In the first incident that took place in November, someone managed to open the main door but couldn't enter the shop, as he was unable to break the three-lock system of the second door. Patkar found the lock of the main door broken when she was about to open the shop the following morning. She immediately filed an FIR with the police station and provided the cops with the CCTV footage in which the entire incident was recorded.

In the second incident, which took place on February 18, four burkha-clad women entered the shop and tried to distract the sales girls by asking them to show different things. While they were busy, the trio stole two saris and ran away. The third incident on March 24 was a break-in attempt, in which two men tried to open the shop and broke the shutter gate in the process. However, they couldn't get into the store. Patkar had provided the photographs and CCTV footage of this incident to the cops as well.

Just an allegation?
In the most recent one that took place on Monday, a man posing as a Tamil Nadu Relief Fund official entered the shop and started arguing with the manager. In the midst of the argument he picked up a cell phone and some documents and left in a hurry. Patkar said that when the manager approached the cops to register a complaint, they refused to take it as two FIRs had already been filed against the accused.

Senior PI Rashmi Jadhav said, "We are investigating the break-in attempts. No complaint was filed related to theft of saris. Cops not taking a complaint is an allegation."