Mumbai: Cops to probe why mother was quiet about 4-year-old's torture

Police now believe that the mother has played an equal role in the boy’s abuse by not rescuing her child from the clutches of her live-in partner

After the Vikhroli police arrested a 35-year-old on Wednesday for allegedly torturing the 4-year-old son of his live-in partner, the cops are now gathering evidence in order to arrest the child’s mother as well. Police believe that the mother has played an equal role by not rescuing the boy from her live-in partner’s harassment. (Read the earlier story here)

Satish Kotian
Satish Kotian

According to the police officials, Archana, the mother of the four-year-old, has been staying with the accused Satish Kotian since the last one and a half months, while they have been in a relationship for more than one year. Requesting anonymity, an investigating officer from the Vikhroli police station said, “We have informed and called his (the child’s) biological father to Mumbai, as he currently stays in Satara.

Archana, along with her husband and their son used to stay in a flat at Chembur, and the accused Kotian stayed in the same building where they met and started dating each other.” However, due to differences with her husband, Archana started staying with her mother for a while, and then she, along with Kotian, rented a flat in Vikhroli’s Tagore Nagar.

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The neighbours had alleged they could hear the crying of a small boy emanating from the flat, since a month; on Wednesday they went and checked the residence of the boy, which revealed the true extent of the horror. “Even his mother shall be booked under the case, as it seems that she didn’t even try to rescue him from Kotian’s harassment with cigarette burns,” said an officer.

Investigations have also revealed that the only reason why the minor had to go through this ordeal was because the accused Kotian did not want the child to live with the couple. Usually, whenever Kotian fought with her, he vented his anger on the kid; the accused was always angered by him, as he wasn’t his son, and still she had brought the four-year-old with her,” said an officer.

  • A Shaikh17-Jul-2015

    Monsters both must be hanged till death, in other developed countries there is child welfare ministry who keep track of well being of kids allover the country, in india this seems far but as a neighbour and a good citizen one must always keep watch on ailing and suffering kids nearby, they can be anywhere be it near you or on the road..great work by neighbours in this case.

  • Balaji Vankala17-Jul-2015

    That monster skin has to be peeled so that he will remember his parents and his birth. People who are punishing or harssing like this should get harshest treatment like how in muslim countries they punish the culprits. God be with him and let him biological father take with him or kid should be handed over to their grand parents....immediatley so that he will not feel isolated from his family.

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