Mumbai CP to take action on policewoman who threatened, fined complainant

The businessman who was threatened and fined by a policewoman when he went to file a complaint against a drunkard who was harassing him, met Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria on Monday.

mid-day’s report on March 27
mid-day’s report on March 27

Saurabh Nishar, (28), a sports merchandise businessman and basketball coach, had approached the NM Joshi Marg police station on March 24, and Inspector Shubhada Chavan, instead of taking action against the drunkard, allegedly threatened Nishar.

mid-day had reported on the incident on March 27, (‘Cop threatens, fines man who wanted to file complaint’). Commissioner Maria has now ordered an inquiry into the matter. Nishar said, “I am very happy with the way Maria sir listened to me and took action. He has strictly asked for a report in a week.

Police officers should listen to the common man and solve his problems. But, because of such incidents, nobody will even go to a police station. The attitude and behaviour of policemen should change.”

Top cop says
Speaking to mid-day, Maria said, “I have ordered an inquiry into the incident. A very clear and transparent inquiry will be conducted. Action will be taken against the cops who did not take proper action in the incident.”

He further indicated that the senior inspector of N M Joshi Marg police station could be transferred. Maria directed that officers at police stations should take complaints of common people properly and do justice to them by taking proper action.

The incident
On March 24, Nishar had gone to play football at Kamala Mills, when a drunkard approached him and threatened to attack him and damage his car with a stone. The drunken man claimed he had fallen because of Nishar’s driving.

Nishar called the police, who took them to NM Joshi Marg police station. Nishar alleged that Inspector Shubhada Chavan listened to the drunkard but not to him. She decided both should be charged. When Nishar pleaded with her to hear his side, she allegedly told him he was being rude and arrogant.

Nishar told her the man was drunk and had admitted this to the police who brought them there. But she allegedly told him not to teach her the law and that he was disrespecting her. She also allegedly fined him Rs 2,000 for rash driving.

When Nishar refused, she allegedly told him he will be kept at the police station and produced in Bhoiwada court next day. A relative of Nishar then called senior officials in the department, after which he was allowed to leave around 1 am.

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