Mumbai cricket greats slam Kapil Dev's barbs at Sachin Tendulkar

1983 World Cup-winner attracts ire (and laughs) for saying Sachin Tendulkar didn't know how to get more than just hundreds and that he spent time with Mumbai cricketers who played 'neat and straight cricket'

Kapil Dev's criticism of Sachin Tendulkar in Dubai has attracted sharp reactions from the Mumbai cricket fraternity.

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Way back then: India coach Kapil Dev and skipper Sachin Tendulkar during a press conference prior to the second Test against South Africa in Bangalore on March 1, 2000. Pic/AFP
Way back then: India coach Kapil Dev and skipper Sachin Tendulkar during a press conference prior to the second Test against South Africa in Bangalore on March 1, 2000. Pic/AFP

"He (Sachin) got stuck with Bombay cricket. He didn't apply himself to ruthless international cricket. I think he should have spent more time with Vivian Richards than some of the Bombay guys who played just neat and straight cricket. He did not know how to make double hundreds, triple hundreds and 400 though he had the ability, and was stuck in the Mumbai school of cricket," Kapil Dev was quoted as saying yesterday by Khaleej Times in Dubai.

Ajit Wadekar, former India and Mumbai captain, felt Kapil's comments in a way displayed a dislike for Mumbai cricket and cricketers, which some cricketers from other regions had in earlier years. Wadekar said: "Yes, in a way, I can sense that dislike. I have been experiencing it since my University cricket days. A lot of Northern players disliked us. They enjoyed staying in Mumbai, but not playing against Mumbai.

"In the final analysis, Sachin scored the maximum runs and is a true legend, and where Mumbai cricket is concerned, — we always — everyone including Sachin and Sunil Gavaskar — played for the team and not for ourselves. That's why we won the Ranji Trophy 40 times. We knew how to win."

Former Mumbai captain Raju Kulkarni said: "I find Kapil's comments absurd. It's also very unfair to Sachin and Mumbai cricket. He's talking about centuries of a man who has scored 100 international tons. We were brought up with our seniors telling us that when you get a hundred, go on and get a double and a triple, but don't give your wicket away," said Kulkarni, who made his Test debut in 1986 when Kapil was leading India.

Ajit Wadekar
Ajit Wadekar

Kulkarni stressed on Mumbai's batting legacy with an example. "I was at a function recently where Sunil Gavaskar was talking to a group of ex-cricketers. When he saw Chandrakant Pandit (Mumbai coach) leaving the room, Sunil left the conversation and went up to Chandu. I overhead him telling Chandu that Mumbai batsman Shreyas Iyer should look to get 200 after his 100 and if he can't get 300, he should not get out. That's the kind of cricket upbringing we had."

Dilip Vengsarkar, presently, vice-president of Mumbai Cricket Association, which has produced the maximum number of quality batsmen for India, said: "That's his (Kapil's) opinion. What can one say?"

Other Kapil krackers

Kapil Dev was also quoted by Khaleej Times as saying the following:

> Don't get me wrong, but I think Sachin didn't do justice to his talent. I always thought he could have done much more than what he did

> Sachin was a much better cricketer but somewhere along the line he just knew how to score hundreds. He didn't know how to make it a double hundred, or a triple or even 400s

> He (Sachin) had the ability. He was technically sound but I felt he was there to get his hundred and that's it

  • Ramy30-Oct-2015

    Oh lookit here! "Chacha Pachees Lakh" has a viewpoint on Mumbai cricket? Kapil's view of cricket is best exemplified in an instance in the past when two bickering captains from the SAME team came up for the coin toss in the morning.

  • Nair30-Oct-2015

    All this coming from a former match fixer(Kapil) who tried his best to rope Sachin in without any success at the height of match fixing. LOL Like it or not Mumbai produces the best cricketers in the country closely followed by Karnataka!

  • scgupta31-Oct-2015

    Both Kapil Dev and Sachin are Great Cricket players and have acieved great heights during their cricketing careers.It is unfortunate that Kapil makes such comments for Sachin. The two individuals how so ever great may be have their individual likings and dislikings. But for persons of such eminance as Kapil Dev such comments for Sachin are not befitting. Specially they are spoken in comparison of again a great batsman as Sewag.

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