Mumbai Crime: Ex-employee returns to rob BKC courier firm of Rs 5.54 lakh

After working for a couple of months at a BKC-based courier firm, which deals with the outsourced work of a leading online shopping site, Chandrakant Sakpal decided to leave the job, with something else on his mind. All through those months, he conducted a recce of the office and also made a duplicate key of the safe, just to return and walk away with Rs 5.54 lakh.

The BKC police on Sunday evening arrested Sakpal and his associate Roshan Jadhav for the theft and recovered almost 90 per cent of the booty. As Sakpal was aware of the CCTV cameras installed in the office, he had worn a helmet and a jacket during the theft.

According to police, on May 11, he reached BKC on a bike around 11pm. A few metres away from the office, he removed the helmet and his face got captured in the CCTV camera installed in the vicinity. Thereafter, he put the helmet on and entered the office. He directly walked up to the safe and removed all the money. After fleeing from the spot, he met his accomplice Roshan and divided the cash.

Next morning when the company manager informed the police, they zeroed in on all those who knew the office well. Meanwhile, police came across the CCTV footage, which had captured Sakpal’s face. When the cops showed it to the manager, he identified the accused.

An officer said, "After being produced in court, the accused were sent to judicial custody for 14 days."

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