Mumbai Crime: Thieves who preyed on train passengers arrested

A duo who hung around stations, specifically targetting passengers in a hurry to catch long-distance trains, and robbing them of their cell phones and even bags, were nabbed by the Crime Branch at Bandra Terminus on Tuesday.

The duo, residents of Govandi, were nabbed by Crime Branch Unit VI after a tip off. Their arrest also led to the recovery of nine cell phones. The arrested accused, identified as Imran Khan (25) and Zakir Jalil (37), had been spotted by the Crime Branch officials at Bandra Terminus on several occasions, after which the police kept a close watch on them.

On Tuesday, the Unit VI officials laid a trap and nabbed Jalil and Khan.

It was revealed that they used to pretend to be passengers themselves, and enter the trains just a few minutes before they were to depart. They would then look for passengers who were in a hurry to catch the train or load their baggage. The accused used to get their hands on the cell phones, purses, and even bags of the distracted passengers if they got a chance.

Crime Branch speak
Inspector Pravin Tejale of Unit VI said, “The accused were arrested by the team and the process of scanning their previous records is going on. We are also verifying the number of cases they were involved in. They will be later handed over to the Government Railway Police for further investigations.”