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The sessions court recently convicted a 22-year-old for stabbing a 14-year-old boy in a robbery attempt at Shivaji Nagar in 2013.

Additional sessions judge MG Deshpande convicted Mohammed Asif alias Aatish Sarfuddin Shaikh and sentenced him to seven years of imprisonment. The injured boy, Sajid Shaikh, also deposed in court.

The case
Asif, a Govandi resident, knew Shaikh as the two were from the same locality. Asif, a drug addict, was called "goonda" in the area. He used to get drunk frequently and beat and abuse the area's residents.

On August 23, 2013, around 11.15 pm, Asif demanded money from Shaikh for dinner. When the boy refused, Asif grabbed Shaikh's neck, took him to Dnyansadhana school in Baiganwadi and put a knife on his throat. He tried to take away Shaikh's mobile phone. When Shaikh resisted, Asif slashed at his throat. He also stabbed him in the chest and back and managed to take the phone. When Shaikh started shouting, Asif fled from the spot.

Judge Deshpande observed, "It can't be ignored that Sajid was a minor when the incident took place. He was seriously injured; a vital nerve of his neck was cut. Had he not been treated immediately, he could've died."