Mumbai Crime: 21-year-old woman gang-raped in tempo at Cotton Green

She had gone to Reay Road for a religious visit and encountered three men, who said they would drop her home; they took a train and got down at Cotton Green and gang-raped her in a parking lot in the wee hours of Tuesday

Three men gang-raped a 21-year-old girl in a parking lot in Cotton Green in the wee hours of Tuesday. The trio was arrested yesterday after the parking lot attendant intimated the beat patrol on seeing the three men with the girl.

According to the police officials, the incident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday. The 21-year-old girl, an Andheri resident, had gone to Reay Road on a religious visit. The three accused Saleem Noor Hassan Shaikh (21) from Reay Road, Rahul Rafiq Mandal (20) from Wadala, and Panchu Ganesh Thakeer (22) from Antop Hill, saw her on the road and Shaikh approached her, pretending to know her very well.

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The trio then convinced the girl that they would drop her home and took a train. They then alighted at Cotton Green, telling the survivor they would treat her to tea. The trio then took her to a parking lot and allegedly raped her in a tempo parked there. The parking lot attendant, on seeing three men with a girl, got suspicious and immediately informed the beat patrol of the area.

Kalachowkie cops then came to the parking lot and arrested the trio for raping the young girl. All the three accused have been booked for gang rape, and were produced in Bhoiwada court, said a Kalachowkie police official. They have been remanded to police custody till February 9.

  • GayAshok Pandi05-Feb-2015

    It seems the girl is out of her mind or havent been told not to go with strangers at odd hours....She was mature enough to go to reay road but need 3 guys to drop her home back.....didn't she realized something amiss..also when they offered her tea she willingly went to parking lot in Cotton Green which is remote place...Why she need tea at wee hours...didnt she worried of reaching home as soon as possible....she is equally guilty of allowing herself getting raped.....

  • Deepak05-Feb-2015

    After remand what then jail ,court and time waste space waste and food expenses.Saalo ko uder hi thokh dena ka gun se ,all the rapists when caught red handed….no fir,no bail just shoot on the head.Case khatam…JAIHIND!

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