Mumbai crime: Aadhaar database may help find Esther's killer

The Kanjurmarg police have made a sketch of the accused, seen walking ahead of software engineer Esther Anuhya, using the CCTV footage they had recovered from the Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT). They are now trying to get a retina scan of the accused and match it with the Aadhaar database to establish the man’s identity.

The CCTV grab from LTT showing Esther Anuhya following the suspect (circled), whom the police believe is a Cool Cab driver

Officials from Crime Branch, Kanjurmarg police station and Kurla GRP are collectively working on the case. They have interrogated 1,500 people till date, mostly taxi and auto drivers, railway employees and coolies operating in and around LTT.

The sketch of the accused
The sketch of the accused

“After we got the CCTV footage, in which Esther can be seen following a man carrying her luggage, the grab has been published in several newspapers. The police have interrogated several taxi drivers, matching the description of the accused. They also approached the RTO and are trying to obtain the retina scan of the photo and match it with the RTO and Aadhaar database,” said a Crime Branch officer, who is part of the investigating team.

Police officials have also interrogated several Cool Cab drivers, as they suspect the killer to be one of them. Though the police had an image of the suspect, which they got from the CCTV grab, it was sent to the forensic lab in Kalina for fine-tuning.

Cops even approached a sketch artist for a better picture, following which every member of the investigating team was handed a copy of the sketch. “No stone is being left unturned to solve the case. We are under tremendous pressure since the body was found on January 16 in Bhandup. The case has become a challenge for us,” said a senior inspector.

The CCTV grab from LTT showing Esther Anuhya following the suspect (circled), whom the police believe is a Cool Cab driver

  • Dev06-Feb-2014

    At CCTV grab, its showing that she is talking over phone with someone. Police may contact the person on the other side of the phone to get the conversation details, might be they already did that. There are lots of touts in LTT station who mostly bring the customers for the taxi drivers on fixed rate basis. to make the passenger comfortable they carry the luggage most of the time. The person looks like similar of that nature.

  • Kishan Mirajkar Rao06-Feb-2014

    There are many of them who have yet not made their Aadhaar card he can be the one..

  • inder06-Feb-2014

    Atleast aadhar will be used for good purpose hope they find the culprit and soo the nation gets a new weapon to comba the killers

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