Mumbai Crime: Cheat raped widow employed by him for several months

The mother of two was allegedly threatened by the accused that he would tell people she is a prostitute and rape her daughter if she resisted

A Bandra-based property dealer, held in a cheating case, had been accused of raping a widow, who was working in his office, for several months.

After raping her several times, 47-year-old Clarence Pereira (circled) fired the widow without pay during Ramzan
After raping her several times, 47-year-old Clarence Pereira (circled) fired the widow without pay during Ramzan

According to the woman’s complaint, Clarence Pereira had threatened that he would rape her daughter and tell people she is a prostitute if she told anyone about the rape. The woman gathered the courage to complain to the Khar police only after the Bandra police arrested Pereira in a cheating and molestation case last month.

Police officials said 47-year-old Pereira, a Bandra resident, has many cases of cheating against him. A few months back, he had met a fashion designer through a common friend and befriended her. After he pestered her for sometime, she agreed to give him a loan of Rs 3.5 lakh.

In August, Pereira called her to Bandra bandstand, where he tried to touch her inappropriately. The fashion designer went to Bandra police and registered a case against him for cheating and molestation and he was arrested on August 21.

After the widow heard about his arrest, she decided to come forward. Speaking to mid-day, she said, “I used to do odd jobs in his office. One day, in November, he told me to stay back as he was expecting guests. After everyone left, he came to the kitchen and forced himself on me.

He told me that if I resisted or complained to anyone, he would tell people that I am a prostitute and fire me. The incidents of rape continued for several months. He also threatened me once that he would rape my daughter and kill my son.

During Ramzan, he fired me without pay. After I found out that the police had arrested him, I decided to come forward as well. I am a widow and he took advantage of me. I was afraid for my children.” According to the police, several people have come forward to register cases of cheating against Pereira, including 15 in Kalyan and one in Vakola.



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