Mumbai crime: Facebook friend rapes, blackmails housewife

Police have arrested a Mulund-based businessman for allegedly raping and blackmailing a married woman whom he befriended on a popular social networking website.

Mumbai crime: Facebook friend rapes, blackmails housewife

The accused Dharmik Saumaya is a garment merchant and had allegedly raped the 35-year-old housewife twice over a period of four months, and extorted a huge sum of money from her after clicking pictures of them in compromising positions during their meeting in September last year.

According to the police, Saumaya became friends with the survivor on Facebook six months ago. Two months later in November, they decided to meet at a hotel in Kurla. The woman, in her complaint, has alleged that Saumaya forced himself on her during their meeting and raped her. He also clicked pictures of them in a compromising position after which he started blackmailing her, threatening to show the photographs to her husband and people in her locality.

He extorted Rs 1.55 lakh from her and also raped her the second time when she had met him to give him the money. Scared of the repercussions, the survivor did not approach the police at that time. But when the accused started harassing her for more money, she confided in her brother and reported the matter to the local police station.

Mulund police officials transferred the case to VB Nagar police station as the incident took place in Kurla, which is under their jurisdiction. Senior police inspector Subhash Raut from VB Nagar police station said, “Saumaya began blackmailing her after threatening to show the pictures to her husband and everyone in the locality.

She got scared and started paying the desired amount. When we interrogated the accused, we came to know that he has spent all the money on his business expenses.” The accused has been booked under sections 376 (punishment for rape) and 384 (punishment for extortion) of the Indian Penal Code, along with sections 66 (E) and 67 of IT act.

Rs 1.55 lakh
The amount extorted from the survivor by the accused

  • radhakrishna07-May-2014

    This is a pure case of consensual affair and it must be this adultrus lady taking the chance to exploit him. The Indian law m now is too lady friendly with the men taking the beating. The female should also be punished for adultery.

  • pari-nari23-Mar-2014

    Excuse me! did I read 'married' woman? and what was she expecting when she went to meet him at a hotel? why would a married woman want to meet an online male friend in private? I understand the blackmail part but come on! 'rape'?? this word is being used easily nowadays when a woman later regrets her decision to get cosy!

  • MOHAMMAD22-Mar-2014

    This is the result of dishonesty of a woman with her family "husband".

  • George 22-Mar-2014

    Forget the businessman . This lady is solely responsible for her troubles. Being married she should have been loyal to her husband but she indulged in adultery and went to the hotel to have a good time. She should also be send behind bars,

  • joechaku22-Mar-2014

    Can't stand how a married woman would go to a hotel to meet a man that she has never met. How can someone force upon a woman and click pictures in a compromising position. This is absolutely ridiculous. I suspect that both these people were having consensual relationship. Things must have gone wrong when the guy started asking money and so now the rape charge.

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