Here's a tip to maintain lifelong friendships: If denied financial aid by a friend, don't kidnap their children. It's what a Dharavi bag workshop owner did to the 5-year-old daughter of Ikhlakh Sheikh, a fellow owner, after Sheikh said he couldn't help him out with Rs 20,000.

Angered, the man whose identity the police is not disclosing yet to apprehend him, first attempted to lure Sheikh's daughter from near their Mankhurd home with Rs 50, but after it failed, he tried again with chocolates and this time, succeeded. He even demanded a ransom of Rs 10 lakh, but the girl was smart enough to escape and reach her father's workshop safely. Meanwhile, as the kidnapper sensed that the police was in the vicinity, aborted the plan and escaped. The Trombay police is now on the lookout for him.

How it began
Sheikh received a call from his wife on Friday, informing him that Yatina was missing. He then received a ransom call to the tune of Rs 10 lakh so made for the Trombay police station and registered a case. During the investigation, Yatina's mother recalled the incident when Yatina told her about a man offering Rs 50 to her. Senior inspector Vijay Gaonkar then formed a team under API Amol Damale.

"The caller had instructed Sheikh to reach Dharavi at 4 pm on Saturday, but the kidnapper didn't show," said an officer. However, Sheikh received word that his daughter had come in to the workshop. "We took her for a medical checkup and confirmed that there was no assault nor marks of any beatings," he said.

Nabbing the accused
Again, Yatina couldn't recall the name, but that it was the same man who offered her money. Sheikh then realised it was his own friend.