A 25-year-old youth, who was drugged, beaten and robbed at Bandra bandstand on Saturday, had approached the on-duty officer at Bandra police station the next day, but an FIR has still not been filed.

Rustom Ali lost all his possessions, but the police couldn’t be less bothered
Rustom Ali lost all his possessions, but the police couldn’t be less bothered

Rustom Ali, an electrician, was at Bandstand on Saturday evening when two youth approached him, asking him for directions to Mumbai Central. After the three exchanged initial pleasantries, the group was approached by a third man, who managed to win over Ali’s trust, convincing him that all of them shared a common native place in Uttar Pradesh.

The electrician was given a spiked drink, which rendered him semi-conscious. The group then beat up Ali, and decamped with his electrical tools, some cash and an ATM card. The victim was abandoned at a spot near the rocks at the fringe of Bandra Bandstand.

The ATM card belonged to Ali’s elder brother, who stays with him at Bandra (East). Ali managed to reach his home on Sunday morning after he regained consciousness. His brother then told Ali that Rs 30,000 had already been withdrawn from his account. “I immediately reached Bandra police station along with my elder brother, narrated the entire incident to the cops and insisted that they file an FIR.

But the on-duty police officer would not entertain me. He told me to give the complaint in writing, adding that the police would let me know if they made any headway in the case. I have lost all my tools, cash and other valuables, and the cops have just taken my complaint in writing in place of an FIR,” Ali told mid-day.

Bandra Senior Police Inspector (SPI) Ramchandra Dhavale said, “I am not aware about the issue. If someone has been robbed and our officer has not filed an FIR, then he should come to me. If the youth contacts me, then I will take the issue on record.”