Mumbai crime: Man threatens to throw acid on woman, rapes her twice

The 33-year-old woman was bullied into a physical relationship with the man after he said he would throw acid on her and her sister; it took her more than two years to muster courage to lodge a complaint

More than two years after her 'friend' allegedly raped her on two occasions, a woman finally mustered the courage to go to the police and file a complaint. The woman approached the Meghwadi police station in Jogeshwari (East) yesterday.

untold misery: The survivor had attempted suicide in December 2013 by pouring kerosene over herself, but had stopped  after hearing her children's cries
Untold misery: The survivor had attempted suicide in December 2013 by pouring kerosene over herself, but had stopped after hearing her children's cries

According to the police, the woman’s hellish experience began with a chance meeting with the accused in 2011, when the survivor used to work in a mall in Malad. The 33-year-old met the accused, Aziz (30), through his younger brother, who also worked at the same mall. The two struck up a friendship, and exchanged phone numbers.

Aziz kept in touch with her through Facebook and WhatsApp, and would speak to her often. Within a month, he began sending her ‘I love you’ messages. Alarmed, the survivor – who is divorced and has two young children – stopped responding to his messages both online and on phone.

Angry at being stonewalled, Aziz threatened to throw acid on the survivor and her sister, who he knew went to work in Andheri, if the former didn’t meet him.

A stream of intimidating messages and phone calls continued well into 2012 and he even followed her sister once. Scared for her family’s safety, the 33-year-old met Aziz in Gorai. There, he took her to a lodge and raped her, saying he would throw acid on her face if she protested.

No escape
Desperate to escape his clutches, the survivor quit her job in Malad and went to live with her mother in Kalyan. However, Aziz traced her and forced her to meet him. He then allegedly took her to a guesthouse in Kalyan the same year and raped her again. He threatened to release a clip of them having sex on the Internet and also show it to her parents. She finally confided in her mother and they decided to file a police complaint.

“We went to the Trombay police but they told us to go to the area where I stay. I went to the Meghwadi police and gave my complaint in writing,” she told mid-day.

The Meghwadi police confirmed having received the complaint yesterday, and an an officer said that appropriate action will be taken against Aziz.

“I am in a state of shock due to Aziz’s repeated mental torture. I am a divorcee and stay with my two children. If the police don’t take action against him, I will first kill my children and then myself,” she said, adding that she has mentioned this in her letter to the police as well. The accused still continues to call and send her filthy, abusive messages.

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