A struggling Bollywood model was allegedly robbed by another model, whom she had befriended in Delhi. A TV actress Nalini Negi has also been named as an accused in the case. The victim, Renu Shironi, further alleged that cops even refused to register her FIR.

According to Shironi (32), who stays along with her female friend Tanvi Gupta (22) in Shiriniti Heights building in Mumbai, last month both of them had gone to Delhi to attend a fashion show, where they met a model Neha Nangiga, and became very friendly with her. Later, Neha rang up Renu and told her that she is hunting for a flat in Mumbai and wanted to settle down in the city. She requested Renu to allow her to share her flat along with Tanvi.

On September 24, Renu and Tanvi went out of Mumbai for shooting and asked Neha to take care of their flat. When they were keeping their cash and gold inside the locker, Neha saw them. On September 28, they returned to Mumbai but did not check their locker.

Unaware of Neha’s intentions, they again went out on October 3 and this time asked Neha to come back late as they were going to attend a party. However, Neha got a duplicate key made, entered the flat when Renu and Tanvi were away, and took away the booty kept in the locker.

According to Renu, after they returned from the party, the cupboard was open and everything was missing from it. “When we inquired with the building watchman, he said Neha madam has visited the building, and was carrying a bag with her when she was going out from the society,” the victim stated.

Neha is seen in the CCTV footage along with actress Nalini Negi, who works in a serial and another man, who is seen waiting for her outside the building. The actress Nalini has also been made an accused in the case.

The model alleged that when she, along with her colleague, went to the Bangur Nagar Police station to lodge an FIR, on-duty Assistant Police Inspector (API) SM Kole refused to take her FIR and asked them to give a hand-written complaint.

When contacted, Senior Police Inspector Santosh Bhandare from Bangur Nagar said, “We will take appropriate action in the matter, and if our officer has done anything wrong than we will cross check it.” API Kole, meanwhile, said this is their personal matter, which they can solve themselves. He added that he did not ask them to go.

Additional Commissioner of Police Fatteh Singh Patil ordered Bangur Nagar police to lodge an FIR immediately.