Mumbai Crime: Thief poses as devotee, robs sleeping people at mosque

Mumbai mosque thief

If you are one of those who assumed that in the holy month of Ramzan, you could let your guard down in mosques because no ones committing petty crimes, take caution. It hasn’t deterred one thief in the Irla Masjid, who according to sources, coolly walked in on Thursday posing as a worshipper and stole from those sleeping there.

“Usually, at around 8.30 am, after the morning prayers are over, some people who stay overnight for ibadat, go off to sleep there only. CCTV footage shows this man, with his head covered, walking into the mosque, scrounging around for money among these 10 people there, successfully removing around Rs 4,000 from one of the wallets and walking out in a nonchalant manner,” said Imtiyaz Saleem, President of the Irla Masjid. He added that usually, people are not allowed in this early, but it was waived off for Ramzan.

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“Our CCTV footage - which shows the perpetrator clearly - looks identical to the one who robbed people at the Gulshan Nagar mosque,” he said, adding, “He looks like a regular guy, which is why it is tough to recognise him.”

However, even as Saleem cautioned other mosques to be wary of the thief, he noted, “It is sad this is happening in Ramzan, but maybe he (the perpetrator) needs the money. But with three days left in Ramzan, if he is not caught now, it may be tough to catch him later.”

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On Friday evening, an FIR was registered at the Juhu police station.

“An FIR was registered under section 337 of the IPC,” said a duty officer at Juhu police station, adding, “We have received the CCTV footage from the mosque and will verify during investigation whether the perpetrator was the same in both cases.”

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