Mumbai Crime: Man rapes woman, blackmails her with video of the sex act
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An autorickshaw driver allegedly spiked a woman's drink and sexually assaulted her. He even forced the victim into a physical relationship with him by blackmailing her with a video of the sex act.

The accused and the victim were acquainted with each other for two years as co-workers at a factory. He went on to quit his job and started driving an auto-rickshaw to earn a living.

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He later approached her to hire an auto-rickshaw since she owned one. Sources at the Malad police station, where the woman, a Bhayander resident registered the case said that he accused sought her help three months ago under the pretext that the auto had a mechanical failure.

The woman who didn't suspect anything amiss, went to the location where he had asked her to come. She was offered a soft drink raped with sedatives after which the accused proceeded to sexually assault and record a video of the act.

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He threatened her that he would make the video public and show it to her husband as well if she did not comply to his demands of a physical relationship. He called her twice to different hotels and raped her after this.

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When the woman gathered the courage to refuse giving in to his demands, he circulated the video and even showed it to her husband. It was after this that the woman registered a complaint with the Malad Police after which the accused was arrested and booked section 376 of the IPC.

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