Mumbai crime: Popular Gujarati singer caught in gambling raid

The social service branch of Mumbai police and Malad police arrested 12 people for gambling in a raid in Malad West last morning. According to the police, one of those arrested was well-known garba singer Musa Nanu Paik (61) (in pic).

Garba singer Musa Nanu Paik
Garba singer Musa Nanu Paik

The arrested accused were identified as Rajesh Jethalal Shah (45), who is the owner of the club, Mohd Aslam Gani (53), Iliyas Adam Patel (44), Nilesh Bhat (53), Jitu Laxman Angan (38), Pawan Vishwas Mittal (58), Rajesh Bhise (50), Ismail, Madhukar Mithiliya (52), Manoj Chavla (46), Yasin Patel (51) and Musa Nanu Paik alias Musa Paik (61).

The police raided the club, which is located near the Malad railway station, at about 12.30 am and caught all the accused red-handed. They recovered around Rs 28,000 from the spot. The accused were booked under Sections 4 and 5 of the Gambling Act. They got bail on the same day.

Paik is a renowned playback singer of Gujarati songs. He has a band called Crazy Beats. He made his debut in 1975 and since, has had several Gujarati dandiya songs to his credit. The band performed in their first Navratri festival at Parikh Nagar in 1984. Crazy Beats has also released around 12 albums of which ‘Dholida, Pankhida’, their debut album, and ‘Kukdo Bole’ are best sellers.

  • Joe Chakeu25-Sep-2015

    These are all small frys. Why doesn't the police get to the bigger crooks and criminals.

  • riyfkm25-Sep-2015

    Gambling should be de-criminalized. That way govt can earn money. Remember even Gods in Mahabarata gambled (Only wrong thing was to bet on Draupadi)..

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