At 15, she has suffered terrible trauma. Ten days after escaping the Dongri children’s home, a 15-year-old teen fell into the clutches of a brothel head and a pimp who raped her and forced her into prostitution.

Satyanarayan alias Sattu Shankarnarayan Dayal
Satyanarayan alias Sattu Shankarnarayan Dayal

In December 2013, the teen had run away from her home in Malwani with her boyfriend. But, in a week’s time, the police found the two of them and booked the boy on rape and kidnapping charges. However, when the girl denied the charges, she was sent to Dongri children’s home.

According to the police, after spending 10 days in the juvenile room, she escaped with another girl. After fleeing the remand home, she contacted one of her friends and asked if she could hide out there for a few days. When the teen’s friend agreed, she thought her worries were over.

However, her nightmare had only just begun. One day, the friend’s mother Parveen made a video of the teen bathing and started blackmailing her, saying that if she didn’t sleep with men, she would circulate the video on the Internet and inform the police that the girl had escaped from the remand home.

Giving into Parveen’s demands, the teen’s trauma began she was tortured and abused daily. “One day, a man identified as Satyanarayan alias Sattu Shankarnarayan Dayal (48) called Parveen and then raped the teen and started circulating her videos to other customers,” said an officer from the Malwani police station.

“Parveen and Dayal then sent her to Bangalore on the pretext that her relatives would take care of her, but she was pushed into a prostitution racket and each day the girl was raped,” added the official.

The survivor finally made her way back to the city and ran to her family where she told them of her entire ordeal. Her mother took her to the cops and filed a complaint on Tuesday night. “We have arrested Dayal and are looking for Parveen and four others, who are absconding,” said Abdul Rauf Sheikh, senior inspector, Malwani police station.