Mumbai Crime: Ulhasnagar women smuggled gold by hiding them in rectums

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In a rather bizarre incident, two women and a man were booked at Mumbai airport on Wednesday for allegedly trying to smuggle gold concealed inside rectums.

According to a report in Times of India, both are widows, and repeat offenders as well. The duo has been identified as Salochna Keshwani (60) and Mohini Lalawani (35). On Wednesday, customs officers stopped the two on their arrival from Bangkok, on suspicion.

The duo was first frisked, but nothing was found on their person after which they were asked to walk through a metal detector. On being questioned, the two did not admit to the offence.

The report added that the officers then undertook a clinical examination. The same revealed that 450gm of gold worth Rs 13.65 lakh was ridden in their rectums. However, the duo did not admit to the crime even after the recovery.

The women had children who depended on them financially. On coming to know of the same, officials told the duo that they would that inform the children about their criminal activities. It was only after this that the two admitted to the crime. The report added that the women confessed of having smuggled gold in a similar manner in the past as well.

The male associate of the two women, identified as Akash Makhijani (35), who had concealed 270gm of gold worth Rs 8.2 lakh in his rectum, was also booked. The report went on to add that the trio are Ulhasnagar residents, who worked for a women living in their neighbourhood, for commission.

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