Even as the Mumbai Police woke up to chain snatching incidents this year on the instructions of their former chief Rakesh Maria, only time will tell when they will curb the menace of house break-ins.

Last week a house break-in occurred under mysterious circumstances in a businessman’s bungalow in Goregaon (West), where valuables worth Rs 42 lakh were stolen. His house or the vicinity has no CCTV surveillance or a watchman.

The incident occurred between December 4 to December 6 in a bungalow located in the Yeshwant Nagar area. The owner Darshan Indrakumar Jain (35) is a businessman in the export business. He was visiting his hometown in Rajasthan at the time. On his return, when he entered his home, he saw that it had been ransacked.

He then rushed towards his cupboard and locker only to find that they were broken into as well. In the First Information Report (FIR) registered with the Goregaon Police Station, the stolen amount has been listed as Rs 30 lakh in cash, Rs 12 lakh worth of gold, collectively amounting to a burglary of Rs 42 lakh.

The FIR has been registered under Section 380 (theft in dwelling) of the IPC. The police have conducted a panchnama and have even had forensic officials visit the spot to see if any forensic evidence or clue can be traced.

Habitual offender
During the investigations, the police learnt that the burglar cut the window grill to sneak into the house. They said the burglar has to be a habitual criminal.

They were also unable to gather surveillance since there is no watchman guarding the bungalow or the vicinity. Further, there are no CCTVs either. The police are questioning neighbouring residents to find out if they have any CCTV surveillance of their own.