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A young woman, who was groped at Dadar railway station mustered up the courage to nab her molester and take him to the cops, but what transpired at the police station was shocking!

The young woman was shocked when the accused called up his relatives, in front of the cops, in order to pressurize the woman to drop the case. What’s more, as per the woman’s family an eyewitness also came to the police station, but the cops let him go without recording his statement, as per a report by Times of India.

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The incident occurred with the 26-year-old woman who is involved in community service was returning from work on September 22. As she alighted from a Churchgate-bound local at Dadar station around 9.30pm, she felt someone pinch her bottom. The man also tried to grab her, when she turned around and hit the man on his shoulder. Worried that the crowd at the station would catch him, he asked her to come aside and talk. The woman’s mother said, "He was arrogant and unapologetic, he asked my daughter what could she do. She said she would report him to the cops, but he replied she was free to do what she wanted. My daughter had reached the foot overbridge by then and spotted a cop on duty. She immediately called him and reported the molester,"

On reporting the matter, the woman was told that the nearest police station was at Mumbai Central and both of them would have to travel with the cop by train. ."My daughter called me and said she would manage things as I'm old and ailing. But I was not comfortable sitting at home and decided to head to Mumbai Central. When I called my daughter a little later, she was sobbing. She said Ghankutkar had dialled some of his friends who were labelling her a liar and pressurising her to drop the charges," said the woman’s mother.

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Further, a male commuter who witnessed the entire incident went along with the lady and the accused to Mumbai Central police station, but after a long wait, he decided to leave. The police had not recorded his statement or taken his contact information. "When I reached the police station, my daughter had been taken to the computer room at the terminus to draft an FIR. From there, we were taken to Nair Hospital where we stayed till 3.30am as doctors arrived late and test after test was conducted. All this time, Ghankutkar's relatives hounded me. They asked us to not pursue the matter as he was married, with kids, and without a permanent job. We had difficulty warding them off. My daughter was more traumatised by what happened after she took the molester to the cops," said the woman’s mother.

The police said that the accused was arrested but later released on bail. 

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