Mumbai Crime: 55-year-old rapes woman under garb of black magic

Accused forces himself on woman twice as part of ‘ritual’ to help her with her marital problems; arrested after complaint

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A 55-year-old house help has been held for raping a 30-year-old maid by threatening to perform black magic on her. The accused had assured the maid nine months ago that he would help her reunite with her husband, who had left her, through black magic.

Savita (name changed) was living with her husband and two kids in Antop Hill. After problems cropped up, she left him, took the kids and started living with her mother.

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She got a job as a maid in Babulnath area, where she befriended Yashwant Shelar, who also worked as house help in the same building. After she told him about her troubles, he told her that he knows black magic that can help change her husband’s mind.

A bitter lemonade
Last December, Shelar called Savita to an abandoned room and asked her to hold a lemon. “He told her the lemon is sacred and we have to do some ritual holding it. After that, he forced himself on her. Savita tried pushing him away, but he told her to obey him, or her husband wouldn’t come back to her,” said an officer.

Do as I say, or else
In mid-January, Shelar came to Savita’s workplace and threatened her saying, ‘If you don’t do as I say, I will perform black magic on you that will break all ties you have with your husband and he’ll forget you forever.’ “Shelar then raped her and also warned her not to speak about it to anyone,” said the officer.

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A few days later, Savita started feeling giddy and vomited. When her mother asked her about it, she said it’s a viral ailment. Later, she told her about the rapes.

Both of them then went to lodge a complaint, after which he was arrested.

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