Mumbai Crime: Youth kills aunt over money for TB treatment

A 21-year-old from Nagpada slit his aunt’s throat on Monday after she asked him to return her money so she could get treatment for tuberculosis. Thanks to the police’s efforts, however, he was brought to book within 24 hours. Shamelessly, he initially lied to cops and said that he had returned the money, and that someone might have killed his aunt while stealing the cash. However, his story unravelled quickly and he finally admitted to the crime.

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The deceased woman was identified as Mafarunissa Abdul Chaudhary, a 38-year-old resident of Pujari chawl in Kamathipura. Mafarunissa was suffering from TB and needed money for treatment. Years ago, she had lent her nephew Mohammed Javed aka Sonu R20,000, and decided to ask him for it. Unable to return the money, Sonu slit her throat and fled the scene.

Mafarunissa, a housewife, is survived by her husband and her eight-year-old daughter, who returned from tuition classes and saw her mother lying in a pool of blood. She informed the neighbours and they called the police.

"Around 9 pm, the neighbours informed us about the incident and we registered a murder case. When we asked the daughter who was the last person to see Mafarunissa alive, she named the nephew, Sonu, and said he had come to their house earlier in the evening," said Inspector Pandurang Sanas of the Nagpada police station.

The cops picked up Sonu and began to interrogate him. “During questioning, he told investigators he had met his aunt on Monday and returned the R20,000 and then went to the garment workshop where he worked in Surti Mohalla. He said someone might have killed her with the intention of robbing her,” said Senior Inspector Shivaji Kadam, Nagpada police station.

But the police persisted with the interrogation, and after a few trick questions, Sonu’s story came apart. Kadam added, "We found Sonu’s story suspicious and hence questioned him tactfully, after which he finally admitted to the murder. He said that when he came to Mumbai 2-3 years ago, his aunt had lent him money. As she was suffering from TB, she began to demand he return her money, but Sonu was unable to do so."

On Monday, they fought again, and Sonu slit her throat with a knife and ran away.

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