Customs officers caught two cases of gold smuggling on Thursday involving Rs 1.54 crore with a total of 6.28 kilogram of gold.  

Based on information received from intelligence, 23 gold biscuits of 116 gm each, weighing 2,681.8gm worth Rs 65,80,112 was recovered from a passenger.

The passenger, identified as Shadman Mehboob Shaikh, arrived from Dubai via Muscat in Oman Air Flight WY203 was intercepted on Thursday and his personal search resulted in the recovery of the gold. The gold was concealed in white adhesive tape inside handbag. Mehboob was later arrested.

Further, another intelligence report stated that six passengers, identified as Jigneshbhai Shah, Hemaben Jigneshbhai Shah, Padmaben Shah, Ashvin Kumar Gondaliya, Alkaben Gondaliya and Ashmita Thesia, were intercepted after landing in Mumbai from Dubai via Indigo 6E62 on the same day.

Officials recovered two crude gold chains of 300 gm each (600 gm from each passenger) weighing 3,600 gm valued at Rs 88,35,660. These passengers were operating together and have been arrested for the act. Officials revealed that all the accused had hidden gold in specially created pockets of underclothes.