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Jun 21, 2015, 06:20 IST | Clayton Murzello and Hemal Ashar

Light right
For Mumbaikars, it is important to know that June is actually the gay pride month, where the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) community and the gay movement is marked in different ways across the globe.

Salzburg Salute: Gay themed traffic lights. Pic/AFP
Salzburg Salute: Gay themed traffic lights. Pic/AFP 

The city's gay community and others too, should be interested in knowing that so many countries are way ahead of India, when it comes to gay visibility and rights and we do not mean just by the gay marriage aspect. A combination of pictures shows new traffic lights showing female (l) and male (r) same-sex couples in Vienna.

The Austrian city of Salzburg unveiled these gay-themed pedestrian traffic lights recently. We can hear the LGBT Mumbai community saying: Mumbai banega Shanghai? Mumbai banega Singapore/ No. Mumbai banega Salzburg.

Smile submerge
We love how social media becomes corny in situations like Friday's deluge, when the city was submerged. Then, those with little to do start clicking madly and spreading some light and laughter.

Not drownin' but clownin': Boys at Dadar TT do the flip on Friday. Pic/Ruchita Shah
Not drownin' but clownin': Boys at Dadar TT do the flip on Friday. Pic/Ruchita Shah

Like those ever clever ones were talking about Varun Dhawan and Prabhu Deva's movie called Any Body Can Dance (ABCD). So, they played upon the acronym and changed it to: ABCD: Any Body Can Drown. Lots of ho ho ho amidst the H2Woe, we say.

The cricketing 'We Didn't Start the Fire'
Trust England and Australia to promote a big cricket series in the best possible way. With the traditional Ashes series to be held in England this summer, broadcasters Sky Sports have started promoting the battle with a rendition of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire.

Sky Sports commentators David Lloyd and David Gower speak to Ian Ward
Sky Sports commentators David Lloyd and David Gower speak to Ian Ward

The track with cricketing lyrics is sung by rock star Elio Pace. The video features Sky's star commentators like David Gower, David Lloyd, Mike Atherton, Nasser Hussain, Michael Holding et al as well as top Ashes performers over the years.

Wonder what American music legend Billy Joel thinks of it. Now for some 'We-didn't-start-it' trivia. In the opening Test of the 1974-75 Ashes series in Brisbane, England stalwart Tony Greig bowled a bouncer which did not hit Aussie tailender Dennis Lillee, but the pace demon fell on his crease as wicketkeeper Alan Knott completed the catch.

As he walked into the dressing room, a fuming Lillee told his captain — sunday mid-day columnist Ian Chappell — "just remember who started this." When Chappelli expressed his bewilderment, Lillee repeated, "just remember who started it."

It would be fair to say that this incident kicked off the bouncer war (however one-sided that was) in that series in which England were pummeled 4-1 thanks to the pace of Lillee and Jeff Thomson. Anyway, the lyrics of the cricket version of We Didn't Start the Fire goes like this. And the video is on YouTube:

Donald Bradman, Peter May, At The Oval, Final Day, Little Urn, Bob's perm, Double U G Grace Walter Hammond, Mitchell Johnson, At The Gabba, Big Decision Chris Broad, Pons-ford, Riiiiiiiiiichie Benaud Larwood's Bodyline, Athers slips on 99 Laker, Jones' dive, Gower flying in the sky Baggy Greens, swing/seam, Warnie's ball in '93 Ricky Ponting, Pratty gets him, Freddie makes the bails fly! We didn't start the fire...

10, 11 whitewash, Nasser... and that toss Tubby Taylor, Sher-minator, Brigadier-bloc Swansongs, follow-ons, Headingley '81 Mark Waugh, Steve Waugh, Harmy's shocking first ball Brett Lee, on his knees, Aussies got a winning team Davy Warner, third man, Andy Flower's En-ger-land Jon Snow, final Test, Manchester, yes, Chef!

Thommo, Lillee, fierce pace, Bumble smacked in that place... We didn't start the fire...

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