Mumbai Diary: Wednesday Whispers

Nov 05, 2014, 08:15 IST | Hemal Ashar, Maleeva Rebello, Sundari Iyer, Vidya Heble

Cheap chill
PEOPLE have been going to shopping malls to enjoy the spacious, air-conditioned premises for a while now. But there is a new zone on the block when it comes to a free, family-friendly spot — the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport’s Terminal Two, or T2 as it is known in a slightly Schwarzeneggerish way.

One of our colleagues was returning to the city and while waiting for her family to pick her up, she went to the garden area on the 10th floor of the terminal building. There she spotted other families waiting to meet their relatives, and enjoying the scenic spot. One person was overheard saying, “Why waste money taking the kids to an expensive picnic spot? We should just come here and spend the day!”

Roshogolla Fields Forever
WE JUST have to share this gem going around on social media - the picture of a luscious luchi (the puri made with maida, favoured in Bengali cuisine) against a starry sky, and the caption “Luchi in the Sky with Diamonds”.

Lightfoot memories
ONE year ago, on this day, Mumbai’s ballroom dancing instructor and legend J J Rodriguez passed away, after a prolonged illness.

REMEMBERED RHYTHM: Crystal Valladares (l) with her sister Janis Khanduja looking at a picture of their late father
REMEMBERED RHYTHM: Crystal Valladares (l) with her sister Janis Khanduja looking at a picture of their late father

The man who introduced authentic Mambo and Cha Cha Cha in India also lobbied to include ballroom dancing in the Olympics and spent a lifetime developing and preserving the dignity and beauty of ballroom and Latin dancing in India. Now, Rodriguez’s Colaba studio is run by wife Dorothy Rodriguez, daughter Crystal and son-in-law Damian who continue the legacy. Says his daughter Crystal, "Dad never held large classes even though that would have been more lucrative for him. Dancing, for him, was a mission more than a commercial enterprise. That value continues in his studio to this day.” J J Rodriguez’s first anniversary mass is at the Holy Name Cathedral at 6.30 pm today.

The doctor drill
THE first stop for a victim of violence and sexual assault is the doctor. But often, doctors themselves are not sure how to deal with such cases. This prompted FOGSI (the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India) to hold a workshop for medical practitioners last month, to sensitise them to sexual abuse.


With ‘Sexual Abuse - Training the Trainers’ as the theme of the workshop, various stakeholders spoke to ob-gyns about sexual assault and how to deal with victims.

Dr Duru Shah, Trustee, Women’s Empowerment Foundation, who was one of the key organisers of the workshop, explains, “After the Delhi gang-rape many people asked FOGSI for a comment from a medical perspective, but we did not know what to say. This is when the anti-violence against women cell was set up. At the sensitisation workshop, the various legal and administration procedures that every doctor should follow were highlighted.”

Explaining more details, Dr Ashwini Bhalerao-Gandhi, who is the co-ordinator of FOGSI’s anti-violence cell, says, “After our discussion, all the doctors from various parts of the country decided to share their learnings with other doctors. In Mumbai, we are sharing our legal and ethical views with each other and goping to end violence against women from womb to tomb. How a sexual assault victim has to be examined, the ethical procedures to be followed, forensic evidence to be collected and how the police have to be helped was explained.”

FOGSI is hoping that sexual abuse victims are treated with respect and not made to undergo the torture of the crime once again as they are medically examined and given treatment. “We want to help them heal,” says Dr Shah.

Flutter by for brekkie
DID you know that Mumbai is host to over 150 species of butterflies? That makes for 10 per cent of India’s butterfly diversity. If you want to know more, catch the Breakfast with Butterflies programme of the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), now in its 10th year. With butterfly populations at their peak after the rains, the forest area adjoining the BNHS Conservation Education Centre (CEC) in Goregaon is the place to be. Butterfly expert Isaac Kehimkar will be guiding participants.


The event will include creating a butterfly garden, butterfly photography, butterfly study and rearing caterpillars on common plants, as well as audio-visuals and a butterfly quiz. For children the workshop will include games, crafts, face painting and a treasure hunt.

Date: November 9. Time: 8am to 12.30pm. Venue: BNHS CEC, Near Film City, Arun Kumar Vaidya Marg, Goregaon (East). Fees: Adults: R 550, Children under 12: R 500. The fee includes breakfast, study material for adults and souvenirs for kids. Contact: Amandeep Kaur, Education Officer, on 9594929107/9594953425 or

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