A quick-thinking driver managed to chase and catch a 19-year-old chain snatcher in filmy style in Kandivli (W) yesterday. The snatcher was trying to flee after stealing a gold chain from a 55-year-old lady at Link Road early last morning.

Accused Shahrukh Khan (left) and the driver Ganesh Kamble. (Above right) the bike used in the crime, which the cops said was stolen
Accused Shahrukh Khan (left) and the driver Ganesh Kamble 

The driver, Ganesh Balaji Kamble (24), was on his way to pick up his boss from his residence, when he saw the thief snatch the chain. He saw the man approach the woman, snatch the chain, run and sit pillion on a bike that its rider had kept ready to be used as an escape vehicle. Ganesh followed them and managed to close in on the bike. He nudged the motorcycle with his car, causing the biker to lose balance.

The bike used in the crime, which the cops said was stolen

While the bike’s rider managed to flee, the chain snatcher, identified as Shahrukh Akbar Khan (19), was caught by Kamble. The Charkop police were called and Khan was handed over to them. The police have also recovered the gold chain from Khan’s possession. The victim, Martina John Figado, stays in Kandivli (W) and was on a morning walk when the incident took place.

Proud boss
Kamble works with a travel agency which also supplies cars to call centres. He drives the personal car of his boss, Mangesh More. The proud boss said, “Kamble informed me about the incident and said he is ready to pay for the damage to the car, but I refused to take money from him. By God’s grace, I have 18 cars. I can handle the damage. One of my drivers has helped a woman and cops as well. It is really good work.”

Police to felicitate driver
Senior Inspector Chandrakant Gaikwad from Charkop police station said, “Kamble has done a good job and everyone needs to learn a lesson from him. We will inform our bosses about his deed and felicitate him. If people become courageous like him, it will be better for the society and help us too."

API Pradip Raorane from Charkop police said, “The accused, Khan, committed the crime with a person named Babu. We are looking for the latter and will nab him soon. The bike which they used in the crime is also stolen from Ekta Nagar locality in Kandivli (W), due to which we have booked them for motorcycle theft as well.”